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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2014|08:49 am]
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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2014|03:51 am]

not that there's much to see.

~doubles as an anon post~
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upd8ed yall [Apr. 8th, 2011|05:29 am]
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1. open photoshop!! :}

2. click file, import, video frames to layers, and select your video. some
formats don't show up at first, but if you type in * and press enter they will. (i don't know if it's just my computer or pcs in general, but i can't gif avi videos. it's just a blank white screen but the audio still works. if that happens to you, download a video converting software.)

3. select "selected range only" and limit to either 2 or 3 frames (i usually
do 2.)

4. hold down shift while you select which part you want to gif by either
pressing play or using the slider. you can hold it down for as long as you want, but try to limit it so you're not stuck with 500 frames.

5. hit ok when you have everything and you should have frames in your
animation tab on the bottom. (if it's not there, go to "window" and make
sure animation is checked.)

6. the first thing i do is select all of the frames in the animation tab and change the time between each frame. (i like to do .12, a lot of people do .1 because it's easier.)

7. go to the "image" tab and hit "duplicate." everything from here on is for the duplicated image so repeat for each new gif.

8. pick out the frames you want and remove the rest. the easiest way i've found to do this is to highlight all of them and ctrl click all of the ones you want for your gif (if it's a black and white image, you can try for 6-8, but generally 5 frames is the safest way to go) its also a good idea to do the same thing on the layers side, especially if you have a lot.

9. once you have all of your frames you want to use, you can crop using
the crop tool on the left side. (underneath the navigation bar when
crop is selected there is a "width" and a "height" spot. fill both of the
blanks in with 100.) go to image on the top and hit "image size" or press ctrl + alt + i and
make it 100x100.

10. double click "layers" on the right side and right click one and select
"select similar layers". they should all be highlighted. double click
"adjustments" above the "layers" tab and edit. (this isn't necessary; i usually don't bother to edit mine)

***you can do 7-10 in any order but this is the easiest for me personally***

10. if your gif looks the way you want it to, select file > save for web and

11. you can change the colors or dither to make the file size bigger or
smaller, depending on if you're adding or taking away. the side should look something like this: http://i.imgur.com/GWkeC.png the red is how you can make sure your gif is under 40 kb, the blue is the color and dither settings. you can also delete specific colors with the color table.

and that's it!!!! :}
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